Working the Pipeline and Looking for Cheap Apartments in Stockbridge GA

Working for the pipeline industry might make some think I am making a lot of money. If that was true, then I would not have been looking for cheap apartments in Stockbridge GA. I needed something with a six month lease. I knew I would be in the area at least that long with this work I had. I was a subcontractor working on monitoring the work on some of the lines going through here. The company pays to put me up in a motel or hotel, but I would rather stay in an apartment. They kind of like it when I get one because it actually saves them a lot of money. Sometimes I see it back at the end of the year in a bonus.

Some of the other guys work for different outfits out there. The line workers spend a lot of time in motel rooms. Some motels are booked solid for months at a time with the amount of transient workers coming in from out of state. With an apartment, I bring my wife and our baby girl with me. My wife works an online job for a big finance company up north. She makes an average salary with it. Right now we don’t have a permanent home. When this contract ends, they will go with me and stay in a motel or hotel until we get another apartment. Right now we were just looking for cheap apartments in Stockbridge GA. Something nice yet affordable, and it has to be in a good neighborhood.

I won’t be doing this forever, but I will be doing it at least until I finish my degree online. After that maybe I can get a job that does not require me to relocate every six months. It would be nice to have stability for myself and my family

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