What is a Reasonable Price for Cable?

Of course I used to have the student deal from Time Warner Cable. Myself and two other guys were renting this house about three or four blocks from the campus. We were paying around twenty two dollars a month for cable. The three of us probably would not have done it for more, but that was only seven dollars and change for each of us per month. We had a lot of other expenses and obviously we were interested in having a social life too. There are a lot of girls in college and it is a lot easier to invite them out if you have a few dollars in your pocket. It is definitely very hard to impress a girl if you are dead broke. The truth is that we did not think too much about it at that price, but now I am living by my self in a one bedroom apartment and I am not too happy with the prices that they are charging.

That deal that we got in college included an HD decoder box. You really do not get a lot of HD channels if you do not have that. The truth is that the thing does not work all that well. The DVR is a lot better, but they want seventeen dollars per month to rent the DVR. It is not worth that much, but you can not really let them rack you up with all sorts of little charges if you are not watching them. I got my bill the other day and it was way over a hundred dollars for cable tv and cable Internet. I looked at it and tried to figure out what I was paying for. I did not have any pay channels, not even any sports channels added on.

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