Transcending Graphic Design to Become an Idea

In a world of brands, slogans and symbols all attempting to be heard over one another, it is important that your own designs are able to stand apart and become recognizable. That means you are charged with finding a graphic designer or a graphic design company that knows exactly what they are doing and how to bring your personal or business logo to life. It’s not always needing something complex. Just look at the Nike ‘Swoop’ – elegant, simple and is known all over the world not just as Nike but as athletics. We chose to help us design our divisions new branch here in Singapore. We understood that in order to capture the attention of the local market, one whose economics were more familiar to us than the culture, that we would have to utilize a local designer here in Singapore. We had field tested a couple of logos we had designed back home but they failed pretty spectacularly in Singapore. Such is life.

It’s amazing how much a single symbol, a logo or a slogan can convey. For those lucky few genius-designed emblems, they often become transcendent of their original purpose. They become the vessel for ideas, for the marketing and the branding that the company pushes forward. Again, with Nike; every marketing campaign they created can be associated with their Swoop. Indeed, the Swoop has come to represent Nike as well as the ideology which Nike offers to the world. Others are equally familiar; Honda, Apple, Google and even the Olympic Rings. These symbols are unique and carry the burden of representing more than just a company, as they seem to crystallize the public’s opinion regarding the company’s spirit as well. Design your logo well and design it with meaning, for it may become the next Swoop.

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