They Helped Me Up My Numbers

When I first joined SoundCloud, it was just to listen to other people’s music. I was extremely private about my own, but that was just because I had never been exposed to fellow musicians like I was on SoundCloud. I lost my shyness right away though, and I decided to start posting some of my own stuff rather than just listen to what others were putting on. I got some really nice comments and feedback, and I knew that I was going to continue putting my music up. I wanted to find out how to get more likes on SoundCloud, because I quickly became addicted to all the positive things being said about my music.

With each new comment that was praising me, I knew that I needed to get more people listening to my stuff. I wasn’t sure how to do that other than word of mouth though, but that was not making me better known at a fast enough pace. That is how I found out about SoundCloud King. It is a company that helps people like me. They are marketing geniuses in my book, because they took care of everything for me.

All I had to do was give them the link to the songs I wanted people to like, and they had the numbers delivered in no time. This was crucial to my success there, because without numbers, people just don’t continue to come. Because I had higher numbers, it was attracting people who might not have looked at my music otherwise. It is a hard fact, but I understood the reality of it. I am just thankful that I found a way to get my music out there, because it has made me realize that I want a future of more of this. I know it is a long road, but I am so looking forward to it!

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