The Importance of Good Saving Habits

I’ve been struggling for some time now to pay my bills every month thanks to rising costs in utilities and groceries, not to mention the gas! A friend of mine from Laredo, Texas was good enough to suggest that I should consider moving; it could be difficult to find another job but if I were able to find one in Texas, the cost of living there would help me out a great! It’s embarrassing to admit financial difficulties to your friends but if I hadn’t I wouldn’t be where I am now. Moving to Texas has helped me more than I thought possible.

There had been a period of time where I was able to save money just fine. Ever since the recession hit the country I noticed that my financial difficulties were growing more and more challenging. Part of the problem rested in the fact that my employer was forced to cut hours across the board and even let some of us go. I count myself lucky that I still had a job but when you’re making half of what you made before having the ob can feel like a trap if you’re too worried about losing it or finding a new one. It’s a tough position to be in.

Texas has a great energy infrastructure which in turn helps keep prices down. My rent, my food, my utilities and even my gas are all cheaper here than what they would have been back home. I don’t know if I’ll be staying here for years but I certainly plan on staying long enough to be able to put some money back into my savings. It’s been nerve wracking not having any money to fall back onto and who knows what can happen in life when things take a sour turn! A savings helps protect against such events.

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