The Bottom Line Does Not Care for Customers

Living i n a progress first world country like the United States would lead you to believe that there are some fantastic high quality Internet Service Providers – unfortunately, that isn’t the case. If you consider Google, sure, we have the best in the world but Google is only delivering to a handful of towns while the rest of us are forced to look for affordable internet service that is not going to be absolutely terrible. Which, unfortunately, is just not the case. Most Internet Service Providers are fairly terrible here in the States – there is no universal agreement as to why that might be the case and with the news that Time Warner and Comcast might be merging into one company, we are headed into dire straits indeed. Much of the developed world is pulling far ahead of the United States in regards to the quality and accessibility of service. It truly is a wonder. After tax payers offered up so much of their money to the cable companies who planned on enhancing their infrastructure, we are seeing little in returns. Personally, I feel as if they took the money and ran with it. They put it into investments in other departments and only used a small sum of money to actually finance what they should have been utilizing it for. If they had done so, I do feel that our networks and our speeds and the costs of our service would be much better than what they are now. This is what we have unfortunately, with the news only beginning to lose worse with the failure of Net Neutrality to be upheld by the Supreme Court. Let us hope for the best but also face the reality; the current telecommunication companies are not working in our favor.

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