Started Getting Ready for Hurricane Season

I have not been done in this part of the world since I was a lot younger. I lived in the Floride panhandle for a few years while I was in elementary school and middle school. My Dad was stationed at the Naval Air Station in Pensacola Florida. Of course I lived through a couple of hurricanes and I was there for a couple of bad ones. When we got down here the first thing I did was to look at the hurricane shutters on this place. It did not have the real ones, but in place of those there were pairs of sliding rails. You can take a half sheet of plywood and slide it in to the place over the windows. Then they have a couple of hole so that they can use deck screws to attach the plywood so that the wind does not some how get the thing out of place.

I figured out what I really needed and then I got a good strong shelf for the basement. I got three cases of bottled water and a stack of five gallon buckets. The buckets are for the toilets. You have to think about that before you lose power, but if you forget then you can leave them out in the rain. Being able to flush the commode is a huge deal, especially if you lose power for a long period of time. You can buy all sorts of food that is good for this sort of situation. You can even buy a case of Meals Ready to Eat like the military has. Those are pretty expensive and it is easier to just get noodles and that sort of thing. For that all you need is hot water, but I have a little generator and I can power a microwave with it.

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