Signing Up for Electricity in Fort Worth

We moved from a little town to Fort Worth. Where we came from there were trailer parks. Ours had the word “Estates” as part of its name, but it was just streets lined with manufactured homes up on blocks with vinyl skirting around them. It was really nice to be finally living in a home that was on a concrete block foundation. It even had a basement. It was not just a concrete slab with a house built on top of it. The basement was finished, and we had central air. The old place had it, but we had to add two window air conditioners to keep the place cool.

The one thing I like about the whole state, Fort Worth included, is being able to choose an electrical utility provider. We would have never been able to afford the electricity to our old trailer if we had to stick with the power company that was located in the area where we lived. Through deregulation we were able to pick the company we wanted to provide our electricity. It is really a neat concept. Your meter lets the company know how many kilowatts you use in a month. And since electricity is pushed into the main power grid by a bunch of different companies at the same time, you pay for what you use at the rate of the company you choose.

They don’t hook up new wires or anything. You still get your electricity over the same wires you used to. It is just you are billed according to the rate you get from the company you sign up with. Even though you have a local power company, they do not have to be the ones you pay for your electricity. They are selling power all over the state, and the company you signed up with is doing the same thing.

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