More Information on Cutting Electricity Costs

I have been spending way too much money on electricity recently, and it is starting to really bother me. Last month, I spent over 500 dollars on my electricity bill. That is just ridiculous. It has been hot, and the air conditioning has been running a lot. But I set the air conditioning thermostat to 78 degrees in order to save money, and my bill was still that high. I need to learn more about ways to save money on electricity. I am hoping to find some useful tips, that will allow me to do just that.

I also have a mind to try to look for other electricity companies, to see if there are any companies that have lower prices. Or, if there are any companies that have better deals or incentives available for new customers. Either option would help me out a good bit, because I am fairly desperate to reduce the cost of my electricity. I simply do not make enough money, in order to continue to pay this much for my bill. I don’t think anyone should have to pay this much.

I am going to try to unplug various devices, and maybe I will start to dry my clothes on a clothes line. I do not know how much that would save me, but I imagine that the dryer uses a lot of electricity. And it makes the house warmer, which causes even more electricity to be used, in order to keep the house cool. So maybe that will be one of the first things that I try out. I need to come up with a list of other things that I can do as well, so I am going to spend some time trying to come up with ideas that will help me out.

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