Meet Louise

Meet Louise!

(and Isabel the Wonder Pooch)

While visiting Pikeville, Tennessee, my husband, the Man Scout John, and I heard about the troll with the two heads that lived in the big Public Library – they called him Franks.

This is about me and my love for Franks. My life was just a void before Franks and not worth mentioning. Except possibly the strange and wonderful discovery that Isabel the Wonder Pooch is capable of walking and running on her hind legs now for up to two miles -

More about ME next month!

Isabel the Wonder Dog!

This is a true story (not that our bios aren’t). It was spring, 1994. I’m visiting friends in Miami (city of the pitt bull, human and non human). Miami Youth Fair in in full swing and Pam, Jeff and I are visiting the Animal Attraction, the fattest pig, prettiest rabbit, three eared-donkey etc. The humane society has an exhibit of dogs from the local shelter. Atop a pile o’ puppies is this brindle colored, three pound princess with big black eyes, white paws, and a spot of white on her nose. She looks up at me with soulful eyes (almost disguising her mischievous twinkle), reminiscent of someone, but for the life of me I cannot think of who. The rest is history. It was a difficult birth, but four days later, we are both on an airplane heading back home to Tennessee.  Isabel in cargo (much to my upset) and me in coach Isabel was just one component of my dream. To have my own used bookstore where I could play music by Keb’ Mo’ followed by Dean Martin and Beethoven’s Third Symphony (in other words, whatever I LIKED), accompanied by my best friend, Isabel, (whenever I LIKED), selfish me, lucky her. Of course my dream also included a place where I could add to my own library of modern first editions, often autographed by my own favorite writers, including women writing from the heart from Barbara Kingsolver and Jane Austen to Katherine Dunn and Jocye Carol Oates.

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