Just Got to College Station Texas

I Just got to College Station Texas the other day. I was staying in a hotel, but this morning I found a house to rent and I am trying to get the power hooked up right now. Of course I thought that there is one company you call, but the landlord told me that in Texas you can pick your power company, depending upon where you live. You can go to http://energyproviderstexas.com and see who you can pick in which ever place you are in, but I was just wondering which one could come out the quickest. I was guessing that they could probably give you a better deal maybe, but I wanted to get my power hooked up and so that was how I decided. I was tempted to call them both up and tell them that the first one here got my business, but instead I called both of them up and told them where I lived and asked them how long it would take.

Of course I did not tell the absolute truth when I was talking to those people. I told both of them that the other one said that they could be out there that afternoon. It did not work with the first one I tried, but the second one said that they could get out there that afternoon too. In fact they got there before it was lunch time. I had my grill out and I was making hot dogs while I waited for them. That was basically what I could do while I was there and I did not want to go off and miss my appointment, so I was having hot dogs for lunch. Once they hooked up my power I had to go get some groceries so that I would have food.

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