In the Marketing Department Now

It is kind of odd how I got here, but I am In the marketing department now and my job is to figure out how to get more Twitter followers. In fact I still do the other stuff I used to do, but I am also in charge of the twitter account and our other social media accounts. I just happened to make a joke in front of the boss. He asked us how we were supposed to get more people to follow us on twitter. I remarked that we could show them some pictures of the girl from accounting, the one who has a really awesome body. Of course he gave me a look like I might get fired and I said that we needed to give them something they wanted. I suggested that there were plenty of people on the internet who would like to see pictures of that girl, but I suggested we should offer them an incentive.

At this point I was just trying to wriggle out of where I had gotten myself, but it seems obvious that a contest is the way to go. You need to make it so that people are participating in the marketing campaign in some way and they have to have some sort of incentive to do this. We came up with a rewards scheme and we talked about getting people to go on their webcams and talk about our product. In fact we decided that we should call it market research. The reason for that is that we had money left over in the budget for market research. The guy who was in charge of that sort of quit his job and we had not ever gotten around to getting another person to take his place in that job.

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