Home Security Systems with ADT That Any Family Can and Should Own

A burglary in one direction in our neighborhood got my attention a few weeks ago. Then I kind of let it go because it was in a bad section that most of us avoided. However, when a home invasion happened just down the street, I could not ignore the risks any more. I was looking then to see if the best home security with ADT would be affordable for us. I was pleasantly surprised to find out what you can get for a low cost and low monthly monitoring fee.

It pretty much comes down to the fact that just about every family can afford a basic ADT security system with monitoring. It is good to get protection now and add to the system later if you are on a tight budget. The monthly monitoring fee per day is less than change I have in my pocket at the end of each day. I actually could pay the monthly monitoring cost out of my change jar I keep on the dresser at home and still have money left over. How is that for a good use of money?

We got perimeter protection in the form of window and door sensors and a motion sensor. We also have a fire and carbon monoxide sensor installed outside of the bedroom. We are going to add more later on. We are going to add another motion detector in the basement and second floor window coverage in a few months. However, the peace of mind of having what we got is really nice. I know that we will have early warning of any intrusion while we are at home or away. As a gift to ourselves, we are adding a camera or two that we can monitor the feeds from over a secure Internet connection on our smartphones. We can check on the house from practically anywhere. How cool is that?

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