Had to Find a New Roommate

Of course my name was on the lease and so it was fine for me to throw this guy out of the apartment. He was just not working out. I liked him fine as a person and he would have made a good drinking buddy, but I was not going to clean up after him and I was not going to hire a maid agency to do it either. I can not claim to be the cleanest person in the world, but I do have to draw the line some place and that is where it gets so bad that I can not get my girlfriend to come over to the place. It is not like I am some clean freak, it is not like that old TV show where one guy is a slob and the other one is totally OCD about keeping the place as clean as it can possibly be. However this guy will simply not clean up after himself, he leaves the kitchen looking as though it has had a hundred people in it.

At any rate I worked with a guy who needed a place to stay. He lived in the wrong part of town and I got this place because I can roll out of bed, grab a shower, some breakfast, shave and so forth, then walk to the office in around twenty minutes. In fact I have one of those little fold up bikes and if I use it I can get from my front door to the office in less than three minutes. There is a shortcut through an alley, which you probably would not take if it was dark, and that gives you pretty much a straight route to the the office and one where you rarely have any delays or problems.

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