Great Internet at a Great Value

Recently, I moved to Texas for school and while I did not move into a dorm, I decided to go ahead and get my own place. It was going to be my very first time in doing so which was both exciting and nerve-wracking. This is my first time actually having any kind of utility in my name which makes me feel a little bit more like an adult with more responsibilities but also concerned that I might not be ready to be paying for all these bills! I found a great site (click here) that helped give me some context in what I should be paying for my television services. Since I’m against anything Comcast or Time Warner related, since they’re going to become one of the worst monopolies in the United States, I decided that Direct TV couldn’t be so bad. I’ve never had satellite before so there was some small concern that it might not perform up to the standards that I had grown accustomed to.

Signing up with them was a breeze. I spoke to a very friendly billing representative who understood and related to the fact that I was young, new to this and I might need a hand in helping understand what exactly I should be getting with my services. She actually cautioned me against getting too big of a package since I might not have as much money as I expect to have which I was incredibly thankful for. In the end, it took only a week for the technician to come out, hook up the satellite, the box and the rest of the equipment that came along with it. Now that it’s been a month since I have had the service, I feel like I am certainly getting my money’s worth while my access to the Internet has been nothing but good!

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