Getting Back into Strength Training with Cheap Adjustable Dumbbells

I was looking for cheap adjustable dumbbells to get back into a good workout routine. I used to do strength training when I was younger. I built muscle and got stronger. It stuck with me for years after I quit. I slowly lost the muscle with time and aging. I wish that I would have kept up with it. Now that I am older, I have lost a lot of muscle mass with a recent weight loss for my health’s sake. Now I wanted to get strong again.

I did not go all out with a routine that was binding. I did casual strength training using some lightweight dumbbells I already had. I could barely lift the lightest ones when I got started again. However, weeks into it I was already using the heaviest weights I had. Granted, they were not that heavy. However, I wanted to find some cheap adjustable dumbbells so that I could quickly go through a routine of lifting without buying a bunch of individual weights. I also wanted something I could throw in the truck when I go on the road. I work as an inspector of construction projects and I travel around staying in hotels.

Something to take with me to make sure I stick with my weight training would be good. It is so easy to stop an exercise program and so hard to begin. Once you really do get started and begin to see positive results, that is the time you hit it a bit harder with a determination to never quit again. I had that now, especially after a health scare due to sedentary living. It is easy for me to get in the cardio wherever I happen to be. It is the weight training to build strength that is hard to take with you traveling.

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