Best Tree Removal Services in Asheville

I live in the beautiful city of Asheville, North Carolina, and I do not think that I will ever move to another city. But that is aside from the point. Right now, I have an issue on my hands that I would like to get taken care of. There is tree near my house, that is very old, and very large. I am worried that it could come down at some point, and so I want to find a company for tree service in asheville nc.

I want to get this tree taken down, but I would like to get an estimate for how much it is going to cost. I want the estimate, before I actually hire anyone to do the job. So hopefully, I can get someone to come over to my house, and do a free estimate for me. I would not like to wait too long for the tree to be cut down, because it really worries me. I do not know how likely it is that it might fall down in the near future. But any chance is too high for me, because it could kill me if it fell.

It is a truly gigantic tree, and I am not sure what type of tree it is, due to the fact that it is so tall. I believe that it is an oak tree, but I have not see it drop acorns before. So I really have no idea. I guess I could be wrong about that, and it could be something else entirely. Anyway, this tree is over 100 feet tall, and it is very thick. So I imagine it would just crush my house, if it were to fall. The thing that worries me about it the most, is that the whole tree appears to be leaning in the direction of my house.

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