At Least It Isn’t Gary, Indiana!

I signed up for ADT for Indianapolis because like most big cities in this country, we’ve got a crime rate that is starting to go up. Indiana the state is pretty conservative, but we have a few places where few sane people would willingly go. Gary, Indiana, for example, is one of the worst cities in the country and has been for decades. There are places there where even the police won’t go. I should know because I lived there for about five years before managing to escape to Indianapolis. There are problems here, but at least it’s not Gary!

When I tell people I lived in Gary, they think that I’m totally fine with the criminal activity here. Nothing could be further from the truth, however, as I now have a finely tuned sense of when to seek out better protection for my family and my property. There’s no way I’d wait until the third or fourth burglary in the neighborhood before making sure my home is secure. As soon as I heard about someone breaking into a neighbor’s house, I immediately reached out to get a home security system that would deter criminals from my property.

ADT does a great job and they offer a host of services that work very well together. I actually think one of the best deterrents they offer are the signs you can display prominently on your house and in your yard. Those signs are like kryptonite to criminals. They look for homes that don’t have the signs and then attempt a break in. Even if they did break into my house, however, they’d be met with a screeching alarm and the police would be here in minutes thanks to the constant monitoring and the motion detectors. There’s no way I’ll ever give up this security system. I’d feel so naked without it.

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