Almost Done with the House Boat

I am not thinking that the house boat is going to be doing a whole lot of moving. We have a slip for it on the lake and that is where it is probably going to stay. I did take it out and found that it worked alright. It is certainly not fast and it does not turn. The air horns did not work, probably because the air compressors have gone bad. I will be getting some new ones in from a place I found on the web. it is called Train Horns unlimited I think and they sell the air horns and the compressors. I found some wiring diagrams that were for different types of autos and trucks. I had to make a bit of a research project in to figuring out how it needed to be wired up on this house boat. Of course these things are built one at a time and every one of them is a unique thing. So it is not like you can look up the wiring schematics on the net very easily.

I had to go talk to the guys who built the boat. It was not that hard once I figured out who I was looking for. The guys who built it are about an hour and a half away from here and they were really happy to help me out. It was not so big of a deal for them to show me how it was done. I sent the guy some photos by email and then he simply told me what to do and sent me a diagram. It was a little bit hard to follow until I got to thinking about what he meant. Then it was obvious what he was saying. I had not know there was a space there.

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