A New Social Media Platform for You to Get Famous on

Vine was bought before it even came out for $30 million. A whole new social media platform of six second videos you can edit on the fly and post. I thought that it was the dumbest thing I ever heard of until I actually started looking at some of the videos. Sure, there is plenty of goofiness, but there are also a decent amount of very cool videos to look at that are being posted every day. Six seconds is a short time frame, and a lot of people are looking to buyvinefame.com to get more famous on this social media service.

Just like the other platforms, you can get something to go viral, but it does rely a lot on the service actually promoting what you post. And for the service to actually promote what you post, it has to already be quite popular. Sort of a catch 22 situation wouldn’t you say? You already have to be popular to get popular. However, buyvinefame.com shows you how to buy that initial popularity on the Vine service so the site will then promote you. Then your videos will just take off on their own as more and more people see them being featured. Sure, your video has to be good to really get promoted by the people who watch it.

This cycle of social media promotion is likely to continue no matter what new platform comes out. We have all kinds of new things that come along that provide the average person a way to share personal talent, humor, art and other things. This Vine service with its six second videos is actually likely to be quite popular. People like short videos that are entertaining. The Vine videos fit that bill nicely. The ones on the other service can be hit or miss in quality and length. Here, you know it is only six seconds of your time you are giving up.

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